It Is Never Easy

May God grant you great comfort and continued support during this trying time.

You remain in many people’s prayers, please continue to remain strong as much as it is never easy, in the days and years to follow, make sure please that you are brought by your family thick reading books, that you continue your studies in this time and all too soon the years will pass, you will still be a young man when you leave incarceration.

What people who are toxic say about you, truly does not matter, you have the support of many, this is between you and God not between you and everyone else, hold your head high and go forward in life, people can say many things but it never escapes God ever, they will account for it in due course all they have ever said in a degrading way, you have achieved far more than they can ever wish to achieve ever, been disabled in whatever way does not make one different, its evident to me that those who write this trash they are pure evil and their brains, well they do not appear to have one at all, they will not get away with it when they stand before God.  God loves you, many people who are not known to you love you, your family loves you, the circle may seem small but quality is better than quantity and the love is great.  Take care and keep saying Jesus I trust in you always, the years go by quickly not as quickly as it should in incarceration but you will in time be out of there, just do what they ask, you have rights, and keep reading and studying in this time, give no person any reason to say anything else about you in this time inside there

xx M

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