Two Souls Dwell In My Chest

Dear Oscar Pistorius,

two souls dwell in my chest – one feels relief because it’s „only“ six years out of fifteen. The other soul is filled with dull pain because it isn’t fair that you were sentenced because of murder and your country, the people who formerly called you „hero“ or even „friend“ are treating you like an outlaw or worse.

In my country they would have respected your human rights. They wouldn’t have broadcasted this whole trial. They wouldn’t let a man like Prosecutor Nel act like the great inquisitor and humiliate you til your soul and your mental health was nearly going to crack. You would have had the possibility to reject an interrogation like that and you would have been able even to reject such a man as being biased.

Now the pressure of being dissected before the eyes oft he whole world is over and you can calm down a bit – even if it is behind bars.

I hope and pray that you will be safe in the clinical ward they brought you to and noone will harm you.

Again – in our country – someone like you wouldn’t be locked away in jail but he would be assisted by psychotherapist to overcome the horror he had to pass through and to make him heal for coming back to society’s life.

I think that you are strong and deep in your soul you have a kind of diamond which can’t be destroyed by anyone and this diamond will be the guiding light which will lead you through. And I hope that it will not be long since you will be allowed to leave prison again and that your dreams may come true and you can help disadvantaged children to overcome their sad fate – as well as you do now.

I will keep you in mind and I pray for you

Yours Ilka

One thought on “Two Souls Dwell In My Chest

  1. I totally agree that the justice system there is horrendous , if it can even be called that . It would never have happened here either , with a pompous little man like Nell just trying to make himself a name . If I were Oscar I would leave S.A. When he is a free man and never set foot in it again . It has totally done him an injustice.


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