Being In The Present Moment

Dear Oscar,

A miracle occurred in your life on the 6th July being blessed with a truly enlightened, compassionate judge. She could not have done much more.

I have been ill for the last 13 weeks and confined to bed in the silence of my room. And I have been truly blessed too, because it has afforded me the opportunity to learn something about myself.
I have watched my constant involvement with thoughts related to past events and to the future instead of living in the present moment. Also, I have observed how many of these thoughts have been more negative than positive and produced all sorts of sad emotions.
There are many books currently popular, on how to live in the present moment to be able to enjoy the peace it brings with it. You now have the opportunity to put this idea into practice. In your quiet moments, ignore the thoughts that come into your mind and stay focussed on the present moment. You can try watching your breath while you attempt to stay detached from your mind. Do this for a few minutes at a time to begin with and slowly extend the length of the practice. Though difficult at first, with practice, patience and perseverance you will be able to do it. In time, you will be able to experience a sense of true Peace.
Furthermore, the practice will positively affect your studies too but, more importantly, you will be creating the space to go within and connect with your true nature which is that of Love and Peace. It is also said by many a wise man, that ‘in the depths of silence, we hear the voice of God’ and that ‘Heaven lies within’. You now have the time and space to be able to experience this.
Good luck dear Oscar. Use your quiet moments well to experience the Silence within.

God Bless you.

With love
Joy UK

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