Have Courage 


my family followed your trial closely from day 1 and never once during what must have been excruciating days for you did we believe that you intended to kill Reeva. It shocks me that the prosecution took such pains and wasted so much of the tax payers money to try and convince the court and world that you were a cold hearted killer. If this had been a trial by jury I am sure you would have been found guilty of perhaps negligent homocide. There was so much reasonable doubt it was staggering. I am so sorry for your loss of not only Reeva but also that of your freedom. I am thankful that the judge was able to see through this charade and hand down a just sentence under the circumstances. I hope this time in prison will pass by quickly and that you will be granted parole after just 2 years so that you can begin to rebuild your life. I know it must seem like the whole world hates you and thinks you got off lightly but there are just as many people who believe you should never have received this sentence of murder and believe in your innocence, try to focus on the sound of those voices and let them drown out the negative forces that try to enter your mind. In some way you could say the worst is over, at least now you know what you have to face and all the waiting is over. I cannot imagine the fear you must feel having to face prison but I believe that God will protect you. Try to stay positive, you have a family and a God that loves you, lean on them and think about all the things you have to live for. Life will go on and with time things will get better, it is a cliche but one that holds true. People will soon move on to the next big news item that hits the headlines and you will be able to find a sense of normality. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” don’t let the words or stares of strangers define you, only God can do that. Commit this verse to memory and recite it when you are feeling vulnerable “Have I not commanded thee in all things, do not be afraid, neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy a God is with thee where ever thou shalt go” Josh 1vs9

God Bless

Hayley Gimingham
South Africa

One thought on “Have Courage 

  1. I’m moved by your message and couldn’t have said it better…GOD BLESS YOU and keep praying for oscar as he needs all who believe in him to support him all the way so that he knows he’s loved by majority regardless….#Angry Black Woman


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