One thought on “Please don’t give up

  1. Dear Oscar, Sometimes no words can comfort one but you know what i found, which changed my life forever, I prayed and asked God to come into my life and after that everything fell into place and i have never looked back. No matter where i am, i am NEVER alone. Miraculously i am filled with such peace and contentment that i just go with the flo and ask God to accept all my challenges and God has never failed to comfort me. Life throws curve-balls at us to test us spiritually and to let us know that each one of us has a purpose greater than ourselves. I am vegan ( for 13 years) as my soul realises that compassion for animals is equal to having compassion towards our fellow humans. Great changes are happening in our world and we are all part of it. Each one of us can make a difference wherever we may be and i know that once you relinquish everything to God , a more simple and pure life of faith, love and happiness awaits. We cannot change the past but can change the future. Positive thoughts create a positive existence. Your thoughts quite simply create everything in and around you. Always seek to change a negative into a positive and you will experience the joy. May God Bless you and comfort you always. For now i just live in the moment and count my blessings and know that you can to.

    C 💜💜💜💜💜


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