I Can’t Imagine

Dearest Oscar,

I just want you say that you are always in my thoughts and that my prayers are with you everyday. I can’t imagine what you are going through in prison but it shouldn’t be easy at all, especially when you do not deserve to be there. I’ve always believed you, Oscar, no matter what and I’ve been thinking a lot about the injustice of what you are suffering but I also know God is watching over you constantly.
He knows your heart, He knows your hurt.
You are not alone, many are praying for you, many believe you,
so I hope all these prayers and messages can give you a bit of hope and strength you need to hold on and go through this difficult time.

I really hope you can find time to smile and moments that warm your heart. Never stop dreaming, many wonderful things will come in your life. You have an amazing family and I know they love you so much and that’s great! Stay strong, dear, you have so much beautiful and lovely things inside of you. Love will surround you always in spite of all.
I will keep you in my heart every step of the way.
Sending you much love and the biggest hug from Italy

Sara Romano xxx

One thought on “I Can’t Imagine

  1. My dear friend Oscar. I too think and pray for you daily you are and will always be my friend a true an honest person since I have known you. I believe in you and know you will be strong and you must trust in the Lord always. Your friend Dupie


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