Rio 2016

Dear Oscar,

tonight the Olympic Games will begin with another bombastic opening ceremony – as always.

I’m a big fan of the Olympics since my childhood, some even say it was an obsession. Maybe that’s true. I’m on leave from work and don’t make any appointments during those 2 weeks. Instead I will sit on my couch and watch the Games. Everything! Even sports I’m not interested in at all (like women’s weightlifting and the like) 😊

This year, though, I will watch the ceremony and the sporting events with a tear in my eye. Because you will be missing in the South African team. It’s not like I was a fan of the SA team (why would I, I’m German), but 4 years ago I was so damn proud that the young man whose career I had been following since Beijing finally had his dream come true: participate in the ‘normal’ Olympics, alongside the able-bodied athletes. What an achievement that was, and still is. No one will ever take that away from you. It’s yours forever.

However, I know many people supporting you who say the can’t watch the Games because it hurts them that you won’t be there. Not me. I will watch. And I will not be sad because you’re not there, I will be proud that you were there in 2012, and that you showed the world that nothing is impossible.

This attitude makes you so special, that’s what inspired countless people all over the world. Thank you for that, Oscar!

much love and all my respect,


9 thoughts on “Rio 2016

  1. Oscar my heart thinks about you during this period. God knew you would not be in the Olympics this time. But it is well with Him. He loves you, we love you. We have seen you. We cannot erase your success. We know you are going to come back and live the life you want to and play the sport you like. This case is going to pass and you will wonder why did you even shared a tear because you haven’t done anything wrong, a mistake will remain a mistake. Don’t cry now look forward for s brighter future you being a trainer of young athletes. You will be out of that prison and you will continue with your charities. Philisiwe UK


  2. Oscar my heart is sore you are there missing the great event that you manage to put South Africa on the map.Watch it and that painful touch will be there but say a quiet prayer and ask God to make you accept those things that although you can change but you think you can leave them as they are.You have a big surprise that God has in store for you.You still going to shine. We have many children who want to be you one day .Those are the children that you can help them achieve their dream . You can have your own school teaching promising sprinters like you. Those children would be lucky to have you as a couch . You will never be refused to teach and promote the lives of young lives. That cannot be refused even by the appeal court which has developed to be the prosecution’s


  3. The one person that should be there, isn’t there! So I have very little interest in these Olympics. My heart and mind is with Oscar, he will always be a winner to me and Gold is the only medal worthy of him.


  4. Mira so touching. I am one who can’t watch or cheer for South Africa. I’ll cheer Great Britain and any winners however I feel very bitter about what SA have done to Os and the lack of support from all paralympians that I can’t watch them this time round. They are enjoying a Games totally different for them from those prior to 2012. Thanks to Oscar.


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