Praying For You, Oscar

Dearly Beloved Oscar,

Please hold on, many, many people have been praying for you since that first horrible hours.
Don’t give up, I’m also a mother and I so wish I could have given you a piece of the love and compassion that I feel for you.
Your dear family having suffered so much with you. Don’t lose courage now. They will stand up for you and you will get trough.
Please just remember we are many South Africans standing before God for you. Gerrie Nel and all the forces from hell will not touch your soal. Just give it to Jesus Christ and God will send all the angels from heaven to protect you.
I wish I could have been able to visit you in jail and hold your precious hand and give you to God in a simple little prayer. Don’t get fed up with all of us who ask God to protect you.
Ossie byt vas ou seun asseblief.
Met innige liefde.
Ta Annie

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