You Can Still Help

Dear Oscar, I beg you to react, not to allow to win to discouragement. You have always helped others and I know you can still help people who are less fortunate than you. It has always been a strong emotion to see you running, you are a special man Oscar, still believe it in your dreams. I’m near to you.

Marzia Bianchini

One thought on “You Can Still Help

  1. Oscar ,please note that you are not alone ,i am with you in thought and believe when i say we have not abanded you there is a lot of people here in S.A that dont know you but loves you for being one of the most perfect inspirations ,role model and for other the perfect shoulder to cry on ,so for once take a break just beleive in yourself once more time as you have always did and use us your beleivers your followers and your family as the shoulder to cry on,you have been brave ,courages,and mostly the most kindest person and the most unselfish person dont let life take you down ,be brave again as we all know you are and RISE up again to glory because when you do we will still be here routing for you .


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