Peace Of Mind

My dear boy – my friend,

Not a day passes without I’m thinking of you and wondering how you are doing ….

You have experienced, what no one ever would have to experience. Besides this huge trauma, you have been treated so unbelievable inhumane and unjust. You were never given a chance to mourn properly, or to process your terrible accident. You have been forced to fight for your life for so long and in so many ways, that the focus has shifted from, what I think is most important – to accept and process what happened. You need a clerance to move on and I hope you will get that very soon. You have been strong for so long and need some peace to heal your broken soul. That’s what I wish for you, my boy – PEACE OF MIND! I still believe in miracles. Just wait …. truth will prevail. I feel it so strongly …

Oscar, I have told you before and I’m saying it again – you have reached my heart in a way I didn’t think was possible (outside family). I know that many others feel the same. It’s something about you …. about who you are …. about the way your kind and humble soul speaks out to us. We are from different countries, in different ages and with different personalities, but we have one thing in commen – our love to you. Please exept our love – because you are so worth it ….

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Time working in silence for you. God bless you my son – now and always!

All my love

3 thoughts on “Peace Of Mind

  1. That’s so beautiful Ulla! Like you, Oscar has touched my heart n a way like no other. I have been through so many difficult times which I believe has blessed me with the gifts of compassion, empathy and love. I think of Oscar as if he were my Son and if I had the power to take away his pain, I surely would!
    I’m really happy that so many gifted people are behind him . Thank you and God Bless x


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