God Gave Me a Dream

God gave me a dream last night about Oscar. In my dream it was Parent’s Day and I could see and talk to Oscar in person. I recall starting to prophesy over him:, Oscar you don’t have thus bame for no reason. You will achieve on levels no one else can and climb the highest mountain because you’re Oscar. This is merely training and preparation time to rise to a higher level of excellence. Life starts at Finish point. Keep focused for the sake of grace and glory at Finish point. Be disciplined in your ideas and emotions. Don’t allow this short term of training side-track you. Sooner than you can think right now you will stand tall again – this time for an eternal race. Prepare yourself. Make your calling and election safe and secure for it is God’s calling for you to be a Oscar for Him and win many gold medals in His Kingdom. Do the basic things right all the time every day for that is the essence of true greatness. Be Oscar wherever you go. You might be the only Jesus people see in your world today and tomorrow! And if you look up you will see and hear a big crowd cheering you on till you reach point Finish and receive from Him a crown of glory! Run your race in life worthy and with the dignity that you have.

Retha Beselaar

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