A Dream

Last night I had a dream. At this moment it is a unclear to me, but I can remember bits and pieces. I dreamt about myself and my sister – visiting Oscar. But it was not at the Prison – it was like a park
scenery – lots of trees, open space, he was smiling. There were lots of his people, all sitting outside and having lunch – it’s a long family table and there is food everywhere. Everyone was happy and smiling and I spoke to
him –
but I had the same 3min conversation I had with him last year at court.
What was weird is that he sat in his chair the whole time, never stood up once. I remember he only had a certain amount of time with us, then he had to leave again.
For the moment I was happy. But now again I feel down and confused. Hopefully my dream shows peace and hope for the future. Just wanted to share that with you all.
Have a blessed day
Carla Beneke

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