Lord Give You Grace Each Day

Dear Oscar,

Our prayers have been answered! Hooray for such a wise and immovable judge as Judge Thokozile Masipa who refused to bow to Gerrie Nel’s bullying. Kudos for Barry Roux for his argument: “Eight years in effect, eight years for a man who’s vulnerable – who that night made a mistake of his life and who lost everything he had, who fell from the top to the bottom, who came out of jail and had to go back; Inappropriate? My lady it cannot be.”

The world rejoices with you today Oscar. After this you can face and cope with anything. You are strong and resilient, and will with good behaviour be eligible for parole before you know it. Just hang in there my dear boy, and try not to give them reason to condemn you further. Learn to control your impulses, and request another doctor to review your medication. A lot of privately prescribed treatment have generic equivalents, so give them a try, and rely on the Lord to give you grace to deal with each day. Only for today, not tomorrow – and when tomorrow comes, seek that grace anew. That’s the secret of getting through the darkest trials. Become a source of inspiration to other inmates, and you will find a purpose for your life which will bring you deep satisfaction.

You have a new and victorious life waiting for you. This is just the furnace of affliction to try you, so submit to it without resistance, and give the whole nightmare to Jesus who will gladly relieve you of it.

We are standing with you through it all. May God strengthen you and give you peace.

With love, Granny Jenny

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