Go To Sleep Now, Nel

I was so relieved to hear the wisdom of Judge Masipa yesterday, and now hope that horrid Nel, who seems obsessed with crucifying Oscar will just go away and accept the judge’s decision. He has made a fool of himself in our opinion and become boring, wanting only his own fame out of this, not realising that the Steenkamps must also want to move on, as Oscar, the Pistorius family and all of us. We who can see this was a tragic accident, and some of us who also have knowledge of how it happened through the insecurity of a disabled persons eyes, believe that the pain Oscar will carry with him for the rest of his life, is punishment enough. He has however overcome all the adversity in his life with courage and will come through this also stronger than ever, unlike little Nel the heartless bully , who can only wallow in his ultimate failure and spend the rest of his life the bitter little excuse for a man that he is, his greatest hour humiliating a broken amputee infront of the world.

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