Be Strong


I write only to say what is and has been said by us that” this time be strong” we are praying that this furore perpetrated by hatred or too much crave for power which is done by people who are so eager to get promotion by hurting others including you should go away now. We want God the almighty to stop it. In the first place our justice system has gone down to an extent that one does not have to study law to see what is wrong in our system. A person can be charged for murder if he went to kill a person not shooting on the direction of the noise not knowing who is on the other side of the door. That cannot be murder but SCA found it murder. That is a mistake. Hold on now I can bream of light at the end of the tunnel. Know that we love you very much. I want the tears to go away now. Do not hurt yourself by feeling sorry for yourself you ‘re not murderer. So those are the things that I would like to see disappear. One day Oscar you will come out and you will be proud of yourself for having to endure such pain emotions

Philisiwe Harriet Lungu

One thought on “Be Strong

  1. Oscar you are special.I joined the groups formed for everyone who does not only think you are innocent but even those who do not trust you they know you are special.You cannot think of the bond that has formed between all of us being tens of thousands from all over the world.We luv you Oscar.Please with a capital P look after yourself.We do not know when we can be able to see you and to see your family


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