A Glimmer Of Hope

Dearest Oscar & your worldwide “family”.

I include everyone because together we have more energy and love to share with Oscar.
My Respect to Judge Masipa who had the courage to deal with a most unattractive and vicious State Representative. The Media is a fickle beast the world over and clearly willing to say whatsoever necessary to capture the attention of its readers.

In the years to come as Oscar’s remarkable life unfolds I am sure he will remember well the lies and brutality of the Media and others and use extraordinary wisdom when allowing any person into his personal life.
There is much I wish to say and have had to censor my thoughts as I remember well Nelson Mandela’s words. “Do not allow the poison to poison one”. Something like this!

In a corrupt, greedy and misinformed society this website dedicated to the support of Oscar has been a glimmer of hope for those of us who have managed to see through this opportunistic farce.

May I say one final time….. Shame on you South Africa for allowing and using this tragedy to vindicate the appalling level of violence in South African homes and streets.
I currently live in the UK having grown up in SA. My daughter living in SA with her husband and son resides in a fortress. Her neighbour, a woman my age, was confronted in her kitchen by 3 men. Although armed she was disarmed by the intruders who then shot her, killing her with her own rifle. This is one of many killings taking place in the ” comfort” of one’s home.

Oscar I pray for you daily.
One day at a time.
One Breathe at a Time.
One Step at a Time.
The Soul will always Heal itself, its the Mind that needs to be mastered. 

Oscar I pray that you find Solace in Pray and please Forgive yourself. May you once again become Master of your Destiny. It is Gods way and He will guide you onwards and upwards.

With all my Love to You & your family.

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