Don Elgin: I Believe Oscar

Former Paralympian pentathlete, Australia’s Don Elgin, stands by Oscar in an interview with the UK’s The Guardian:

“I need to be clear: I believe Oscar. I believe him not because he’s a mate but because I watched the trial. His story hasn’t changed. What he said, I listened to, I thought about, and I can understand why you would be in that situation. What we don’t do well as humans…we don’t like the fact that people can make an honest mistake. OK, someone lost their life. That’s a fucking big mistake. But we want blood for mistakes.

“Should he be punished? Sure he should. It was bloody reckless. But was it deliberate intent for murder? I doubt it.”

Read the rest of what he has to say here.

Australia's Don Elgin

Australia’s Don Elgin

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