For Me and Many Others

Oscar inspired more than just the paralympians. I know he made a difference to them which was vital but equally he made a difference to many people who were trying to achieve something which they had been told was impossible. I watched him and I knew that even the impossible in life can be overcome. This made a gigantic difference to my life. He makes a gigantic difference now. When I have been afraid or wondered if things would ever work out the way they should I have thought of him and his enormous courage amidst the most barbaric treatment and world wide condemnation based on pure ignorance of the facts.

There is not a doubt in my mind that things happened that night exactly as he described and he has been a victim of a media circus, political sham and a cruel public who have revelled in seeing a great man brought down. Nel is utterly obsessive and terrifying. The fact that no one has stopped him in his utter cruelty and persecution is an indictment frankly on world wide society, and has had me shuddering.

I hope one day Oscar knows that for me and for many others he gave us and continues to give us courage in our own darkest hours. I will remember Pistorius until the end of my days as someone who inspired me with the courage I needed as “Blade runner” and kept me going through difficulties as he faced his. It is so for many others. He is an absolute hero to me and I will hold him in my heart forever. As far as his treatment is concerned the only words which sum it up for me are “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Liz Yeld

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