I Am Convinced

Dear Oscar and friends of Oscar.

I followed about 90% of the trial and I am convinced that you are innocent and the original verdict of judge Masipa was correct. I have prayed many times and are still praying for you. I am very upset that you are being treated so unfairly. I am aware that Gerrie Nel is trying his best to harm you further..

I may have missed it but I am not aware that the aspect of PANIC was extensively argued during the trial. .There are ample evidence of your history and behaviour before the incident of your fear of being followed, or attacked and although not specifically mentioned in the trial I am convinced that you PANICKED and consequently fired four shots in quick succession. I see that one of Nels arguments is that he blames you for firing four shots.
Please let your advocates gather evidence especially from your physchologists about the fact that you were in a state of PANIC . There should be more than ample evidence and arguments. If a person is in a state of panic , his behaviour is not calculated, but impulsive, and he is not responsible for the way he reacts.
Let your defence advocates with their witnesses argue the case . It is not necessary for Oscar to attend the hearing. He has had enough of Gerrie Nels abuse and insults.

Please let me know whether you have received this e-mail [we have ;)], as we must not let any stone untouched to free Oscar and clear his name.


One thought on “I Am Convinced

  1. Jacobus I agree with you. As Oscar’s supporters we need to stand together and do something to stop this psychopath Gerrie Nel. His obsession with destroying Oscar has gone beyond reasonable human behaviour and that he has any support is a reflection of our damaged, corrupt and misinformed society. The reality check is finances. How can we do something to help?


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