16 thoughts on “For Oscar

    • that’s why I added you twitter name. All posts on this page are posted by either me (Mira = Support for Oscar) or Laura (it shows her name then). We are the only 2 admins of this page and post all messages on behalf of other people.
      As you can see all posts are posted by Laura or me, but signed by someone else.
      We do this simply to avoid abuse and nasty posts.
      There’s no other practical way to handle this page. If you don’t want us to use your quotes in the future, let us know.
      We can also add your real/full name, if you like.


      • sorry miramour thats me messing up again i sent message about 3 times i think omg fb is creepy to me lol. No by all means please carry on posting or reposting my quotes i like to know they have better chance of being seen. please still sign them as normal sarahsangel78. that way when people see me on twitter they won’t get muddled. i praise you both for all the work your doing, its amazing how you keep it all going. thank you for any help you give me also i appreciate it very much, especially since I’m not on face book, creeps me out. lol.


  1. thank you for posting some of my tweets on Facebook lilibear, that means a lot seeing as i find Facebook bit creepy after i had someone pretending to be oscar and carl on Skype a month or two ago.


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