You Helped Me So Much

Dear Oscar,

my name is Sebastian and I live in Germany. First I wanted to let you know, and I am sure you have heard that a thousand times in the past years, how sorry I am for what you had and still have to go through.

I am convinced that everything you ever said referring to that horrible accident is true. No one that studies the facts conscientious can get to a different result. So I feel even more sorry for what parts of the media and the public have turned the case into.

Just be sure that there are still many people standing behind you, knowing that what is told by the media is simply wrong sometimes.
I cannot imagine how hard the past years have been for you but I like to think that everything happens for a certain reason and God or fate only makes you face challenges that you are able to manage. So stays strong and keep your head up, though it can be though sometimes.

No matter how hard some days may be, there will be a better future that is worth fighting for. As a successful sportsman you always had to fight, mostly against yourself- keep that spirit and use it to make it through heavy moments.

Never forget how many people’s life you have affected and changed for the better by your hard work and success. You always were a true role model to me and many others, proofing that hard work and discipline pay off and make anything possible. You helped me so much, gaining self-confidence and believing in my own abilities. Seeing you sprinting on your cheetahs, competing alongside able-bodied athletes made me work harder in every aspect of my life. Finally I achieved things I never thought I could. So if it was not for you, I do not know how my life would be like today.

No matter what has happened in the past, no one can take that and your successes away from you.
I am sure that you still have so much to give. There will be a point in your life where you can leave behind everything that has happened and start all over again. You have experienced the highest highs and deepest lows and a lot of people could benefit from your experience.

You always were such a charming, good-hearted and generous person and you still can change the life of many people, especially one’s with a handicap, for the better. I am convinced that the Lord still has some tasks for you to do.

Be sure that we all still love, support and admire you. Stay healthy and safe.

Best wishes,

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