Hi Oscar , 

hoping you are well. We are dying with cold here in Wales. But I saw some floods in South Africa. If I had to choose one still I would choose cold sun as the one I am looking.There is sun showing few clouds, but cold. May be you are wondering who is this. 

My name is Philisiwe Lungu , I live in Wales .From the Eastern Cape and I usually stay in Roodepoort when I am home as my children work and live there. I have been stuck on to the US elections ever since they started more than a year ago. Only to have the woman I love and cherish loose. I was stuck to US as if is South African elections yet I did not have that enthusiasm during the elections in South Africa where I am supposed to put my interest . I hope Mira will be able to send this to you. I so wish I can be able to see people that we share the same interest while I am home. Thank you Os for reading this , from an old stranger but now I think you are used to that.

Love you and your family. Phillisiwe Lungu 

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