Dear Oscar,

When Bob Dylan “went electric” in 1965 at the Newport Folk Festival, he was very unpopular
with the folk purists. At a UK concert the following year, among the boos of the upset fans
was heard a loud shout, “JUDAS…!!!”

It is well known that the original Judas betrayed Jesus. A close friend and disciple who shared
His bread, sold out and turned out to be an enemy. But God’s plans and purpose stood.

You have experienced Judas in your own life too, of the type who betrayed Jesus. I’m glad
that you are rid of these shallow users, hangers-on, fair-weather friends, worthless fame-
seekers, opportunists and book/TV bandwagon women scorned. These Judas types showed
their true colours! They never deserved your time, attention or friendship in the first place.

You have moved on with loyal, genuine, real friends (old and new) and loved ones who have
stood by you and will continue to stand by you. I thank God for them!
You will always have your very loyal supporters too – we are with you all the way…!!

Lots of love,
Avril Brandt, Gloucestershire, UK

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