Happy 30th Birthday: A.M.P.

Dear Oscar,

I wish you a blessed and happy birthday and all the best for the coming year.

Another year has gone and it is ‘Oscar Day’ again, a special day for you, your loved ones and everyone who cares for you.

Have you ever heard about ‘birthday crowns’? It is quite a new tradition that has developed in the last decades in some parts of the world, and I think it is lovely: the birthday child, boy or girl, is given a homemade crown to wear all birthday, to make them feel really special; it is done in both families and pre-and primary schools. You can imagine how proud the little kid is and how much every kid is looking forward to his or her birthday. I think this gesture symbolises what birthdays are – a celebration of this special and unique person, a gift and blessing to their family and friends.


Stockholm, November 2016


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