Happy 30th Birthday: sarahsangel78

Happy birthday!

So many people will say it, will they mean it whom knows for sure.  All I know is there are many whom care with hearts that are honest and pure.
The troubled times you are going through they are harsh, outrageous, unkind.
What’s done is done, what will be will be, stay strong in heart and mind.

In your mind to make you relax imagine a place you would want to be,  imagine the smell the sights and sounds and let your spirit fly free.
Imagine u r running in your own race, no one behind you, or beside you giving chase.

I think I can almost see you on a beach running by the sea, sitting on a pier watching the sun go down on your face I could see a smile and there would be no frown.
I know at the moment people offer kind words, and some are from people you have never known. Some people are even in different countries, the support for you has grown and grown.
When yr on your own this birthday , when you’ve  hopefully seen some of your family.  Please know there are some people in the UK whom care and one of them is me.

Welcome to the over 30 club. Xxx
Love sarahsangel78. X

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