I Wish

I wish I could turn back time to change the events of that day.
I wish I could snap my fingers and restore what was lost to you.
I wish I could cleanse the wicked hearts and fill them with love.
I wish I could find your lost dreams and give them back with many more.
I wish they could stop hating you and start loving you again.
I wish that they see the error of their ways and fix their terrible mistake, I hope and pray that it’s not too late.
I wish to see you back on top as a winner like never before.
I wish that you can love again and be fruitful.
I wish to meet you and give you the biggest and warmest hug filled with kindness and love.
I want that so much for the new year and many more to come.
I won’t stop until the nightmare is over and peace comes again.
I will never stop fighting for you my dear friend.

Carrie R.

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