Merry Christmas: Dan

Howdy Oscar,

Gods Blessings to you and your family. Celebrating the birth of our savior is truly a wonderful time of year if one truly holds a true understanding of what is given us. I’m a Montana person is the US, my family have ranched here since 1864 .  We have followed your career in sports and admired you as you reached out and used your fame to help others .  I do feel that it is important to heal your own soul so that you may fulfill an obligation to help others hurt by your actions heal through the love of Christ .  Brother you can’t waste the talent that God gave you by not understanding the Plan !!!  No , I’m in no way a religious zealot .  I grew up helping farm and ranch and then moved on to the business career that I excelled in for 30 years . My wife Carrie lost our son to Blastic Lymphoma in 1995 at the age of three and ten months .  In 1992 I fought testicular cancer while working full time and staying very active in volunteer activities .  Carrie left me in 1998 as it was just too painful for me to continue to to look at life the same as I did before .  I moved back to Montana in 1998 still with the same company , it was good to be back closer to family , but there continued to be something lost in my zest for life . Being that Charles Robert was born ill and not expected to make it , touch and go everyday and also not acknowledging he was mine until after birth ( we were separated when I found out that she was 6 months with Charlie ) . With all of this in mind , i did not tell anyone in my family as I did not want them to go through the pain that I was . We got back together for a short time , but soon separated . I miss my son so much , he made such a life changing impact on me in such a short life he lived .  I have devoted my life to work and helping family and others .  After 30 years of giving my all to my job , I was let go over the phone while on vacation and with my father at the hospital . My company knew that I was with my father at the doctor and they approved my time off ( I had six weeks vacation yet to use ) . Four months short of retirement at 55 years old . Being that I was terminated , they kept all my benefits including substantial stock and future payouts based on longevity …… I missed mentioning that they took over the company four years ago from the company that I worked for all my professional life . The Montana courts have ruled in favor of me claiming wrongful termination against my previous employer .

    I’m working at getting my life back in order and dealing with MS .  I invite you to come visit my families ranch in Livingston Montana to get a change of thought process 

God Bless ….. We can only move forward and do the best we can my friend

Dan Carr
Glasgow , Montana

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas: Dan

  1. To Oscar on Christmas Day. Good morning Ozzie.Hoping to have a nice day today enjoying it with your friends and family.I know you made friends all along the path of your life during the time of ,fame,happiness,frustrations,dejection and loss you remained a loving son of the nation ,you never expressed any word of hatred through your mouth.During this day that have changed the history I wish you and you family a very happy Christmas.We know Oumi is looking upon all of you as we know she is still in waiting


  2. As Our Heavenly Father is going to pay back all that you had as test in thi life.He will do the same to Oscar. We are the ordinary people. We lose hope we give up,We complain,we say why me? But God is a God of miracles.He loves you,he loves each of us ,we are the product of his hands


  3. Oh Dan thank you for sharing such an inspiring story though sad. This is a story that makes us think of Job from the bible. Know that Job did not end up as a man who lost everything but as a man who have grown in experience.You have.But despite all you are not bitter towards life and people,you are an inspiration to Oscar and all of us.. let Oscar see this and stay in hope.


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