I Was In Prison

Dear Oscar

I’m sure you know this passage from Matthew 25:37. Where we discover that Jesus considers the poor and hungry, sick and imprisoned to be His brothers. But imprisoned doesn’t only mean those who are actually in prison. Many of us in the world are imprisoned in our own minds and bodies, by fear, by sickness, by greed, by pride. We can so easily create prisons for ourselves without ever entering a jail building.

Jesus exhorts us to visit those in prison as if we were visiting Him. And these visits do not have to be physical visits, a simple letter can do so much good. By writing to somebody in prison, the writer’s presence can be felt. I hope you get many letters Oscar, because each letter represents a visit from a person who cares and who hasn’t given up on you.

Sally (UK)

Change Your Story

Dear Oscar,

Happy Chinese New Year. I hope the Year of the Rooster will start to turn things around in your favour. We can’t wait for the day when true justice is done and you are finally free to move on with your life.
My latest drawing is with the song “Naughty” from the musical ‘Matilda’. It’s about a girl who is very clever but is constantly oppressed and bullied. Then after reading about other unlucky characters from famous stories, she decides to stand up for herself. It shows that you shouldn’t have to put up with life if it’s not fair, and you have the power to change it. If you just tolerate abuse and let the enemy walk over you, nothing will change and you’re making injustice look acceptable, which is wrong. You shouldn’t have to live like this. If you don’t like your story, change it.
You don’t deserve to be treated so badly or be victimized. Your country’s system should have treated you fairly and equally, but they didn’t and there’s no excuse for that. Please don’t think you deserve “everything you get” because of what happened, or pretend this nightmare is “God’s will” and there’s a “reason” for it to happen. There’s no justification for people to treat you like this, full stop. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
No one except you can change your story, so don’t let people treat you like a punchbag any more. You have rights like everyone else, so you must stand up for them. Don’t let this tragedy and people’s narrow-minded opinions define who you are, or poison your hopes and dreams for the future. You are in charge of your own destiny. Show everyone you won’t be defeated and there won’t be anything you can’t do.

Change your story,
love Sara. xx