In Life

In Life we all have choices, some good and some bad.
It’s how we exercise those choices that shows our true character.
In a sea of hate, you chose love.
In a place of sadness, you chose joy.
In a world that has turned itsโ€™ back on you, you chose to find another world instead.
When they wanted and wished you dead, you chose to stay alive.
When they tried to knock you down seven times, you chose to get back up eight.
No matter how many times I wanted to avenge you and get back at them, you told me not to and let God deal with them instead.
While they still lived in the past, you chose to look towards the future.
Don’t dwell in contempt for them, but pity them instead.
In showing me that, if you can show kindness to those who despise you, then you can conquer anything good or bad.


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