Just To Let You Know

Just to let you know Oscar you are not forgotten we pray and think of you every day. Remember every night that’s another day gone. And I suppose not for you though I do so hope but God seems to be speeding the time on. The days weeks and months fly by.

We send tons of love and a huge hug. xxxxxxx

Maureen Corona

One thought on “Just To Let You Know

  1. Oscar. Here we are in 2017 .We decided as women and men to walk with you.When we started to organise as women ,I would not forget Shar Granger as a Captain of the vessel ,then almost a little more than 4 years ago.The case has just started,we knew ,you were innocent.We are here today ,all over the world. It was like only the women ,like those who followed Jesus Christ to Calvary,we were convinced you are innocent. We still are.We love you, I can say this loud because it is the truth.You are still young Oscar Pistorius ,you have loads of blessings that are still there for you. Don’t look back now ,look forward where the hope is.May be ,you may have lost some friends but I still think your true friends are still behind you.You may have to stay put and look forward for the life full of experiences,knowledge,learning to love through pain,learning to swallow those bitter pills of prosecution in court. You are a lovely person Oscar who made a mistake know that.You may have been called names in court but that does not change you.We are behind you all the way. Many people have different opinions about the case,so everybody has a right to his or her opinion.But I have a great hope that all your true friends should know now that you are the same Oscar they loved and cherished.


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