Still An Inspiration

Oscar I know you have been through so much, but I want you to know that to me you are still a role model and an inspiration. I don’t believe people can label you as a murderer. You just ended up doing something really bad when fear took over you for a moment. You need to stay strong and have faith in God, and he will help you come through this. Don’t ever forget all the good that you’ve done, and all the people you have helped and inspired.

You are not a bad person. You just made a mistake. I hope you find the strength that you need to move forward in life, so you can help and inspire more people.

God bless, I will continue to pray for you.

Hilary (Northern Ireland)

2 thoughts on “Still An Inspiration

  1. Oscar I remember when we started nearly 4 years ago.I wanted to join people who have the same feeling I have about the case before it was even a case,about the tragedy.I knew then that you made a mistake.I know now that you made a mistake.The same mistake that was done by the business man few years or months before.In a country like mine where you cannot lock your car without people unlocking it by jamming it.That is the reality we live with.They once ripped my roof to get inside .And went back through the roof.But God denied them the chance to do all they aimed for.Sent an angel to startle them and they both ran to different directions with nothing at hand .So I know exactly the fear these people.I was lucky to meet people or group that believed in you.That was my aim and still believe in you.You are not a murderer,keep that in mind.Never judge yourself for the calamity that happened and it gave those that do not understand the freedom to call you what you’re not..Keep praying know that this is going to pass.We love your family.We appreciate their strength. May the Lord keep them and increase their strength .


  2. Oscar I always give myself the hope that each and every minute that passes is a minus to the months that you are going to stay away from home. It minus a minute,then a hour and so forth . You will be free one day and you meet and live with your loved ones. They are many, increased in number and not only in Gauteng but all over the world. A mistake that made many to realise how much you mean to them. How much they love you. Count all your blessings and treasure them.


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