Dear Oscar

I visited a beautiful old church dating from the 1400s during Easter. It was very peaceful and I was able to reflect privately on the Easter story and also of course I prayed for you. This was tucked into a corner beside one of the altars. I thought it was very sweet which is why I took a picture. Have faith dear Oscar, one day you will find the door rolled aside and you will be free.

Sally (UK)

One thought on “Reflect

  1. Dear Oscar
    I haven’t sent messages for some time but not because I have forgotten about you. You are always in my thought and I always hope that one day this will be the thing of the past. We keep on praying that one day the opposition will come to its mind and set you free to the world of freedom. Focus on moving forward now Ozzie you have been away for some time. We love you, your family and your God. We have not forgotten Reeva’s family and we know , you haven’t. One day , the two families will be united in God’s love sharing the same pain and love each other. We hope for the best for you both. We know of the love that you still have in your heart for Reeva. Let it give you hope that she is looking at you. We are keeping you in our prayers everyday. Be positive . Love and adore you , young man you still have good life waiting for you out there


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