God sal genees wat seer maak

Jou glimlag sal ons weer sien … God sal genees wat seer maak … jy bly my goue seun …. staan sterk Oscar …. jy is in miljoene se gebede…. liefde ….

Tertia vd Westhuizen … Secunda, Mpumalanga

English Translation:
Your smile will see us again … God will heal what hurts … you stay my golden son …. stand strong Oscar …. you are in millions of prayers

4 thoughts on “God sal genees wat seer maak

  1. If I see a space I want to write to you irrespective of how small or big it is ,as long as I am going to be able to pass my heartfelt message to you.Hpoing that all these messages of love will be the size of a bible and the messages within will carry great encouragement for you Oscar.We may be hundreds,thousands but we know each other.This is unbelievable.We are friends,we are sisters.All of us for the sake of supporting you Oscar who is our son,we love you.


  2. Oscar I bring you ,son, to the great Mighty Father in heaven with many requests that He may touch your heart and your mind so that you stay strong. When the tears drop down your heart,please think of us,of your family and talk to them.Do not give up,do not hide your feelings.Tell and tell again..You have thousands of people out here Ozzie,of people who are trying what they can to tell the world that we cannot be prosecutors but we want you released.It has been long enough now.We think about you Oscar every time.We lift your name unto the father in Heaven so that He can soften the hearts of the “tronk bewaarders” to care for you as gold as you are.I just decided to write though I know that a God is at your side.I always count months ,but one day you will be released Oscar Pistorius.That will be the answer to our prayers.If there is anybody who is able to visit you I can tell him or her that you are precious and that would be thr,.


  3. Oscar it will be five years in 7 months you are supposed to be free now.This has been a very long time without your siblings,your dad,your uncle.Enough is enough now.We all know it was a mistake.You shoudnot have stayed so long .We pray to Heavenly Father to get into their hearts and release you.


  4. The comment is We shall see your smile again,God will heal where it hurts, stay put my golden son,stand strong Oscar,you are in our million prayers. Love. Thank you Google for translating. Oscar dear son.you are still in our thoughts.We miss you ,stay put the wheel is turning,we will see you again.We love you,you are always in our prayers and in our hearts.Keep the hope of coming back and be with your lovely brother and sister, That is going to happen Oscar we are here waiting. I was told that if people are talking about you,you feel your ears itching.I hope you haven’t thought about visiting a doctor just because your ears are itchy.Its us talking about you..Last week some people were in Ireland vining a young women who loves and believe you as well.I know,even if I was not there, the talk,topic was about you Oscar.We want you to be free we love you ,your family and all those are close to you.Our hope is that you can be released it has been too long.. But I know God loves you and treasures you,you are his child and he loves you .He has not foresaken you.He knows about you.


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