It Has Been Long

We pray for you to keep “hope” things are going to be all right for you. I pray to my God that those that are in power may be touched by the finger of God, our Heavenly Father to think about you. It has been long. You deserve a move from prison. From 24 hour watch. You don’t need that now. You need few minutes with your siblings and family. I am praying for this. We love you Oscar, we discuss about you, we hope for the best. You are still young you have a great future in front of you. God is going to be with you. You are going to flourish as you had before and despite your status you remained humble as you are. Yes you are at a wrong place but you will leave that place and be with your family. God loves you Oscar,we love you. we think about you and talk about you.

Philisiwe Harriet Lungu
Pontypridd S E WALES UK

2 thoughts on “It Has Been Long

  1. Dear Oscar
    I have been on holiday and with little access to the internet. On getting back the first thing I did was look up to see if there was any positive news regarding your release. There is some relief to being in silence and I hope you are getting much of this. The outer world at the moment is in chaos and I hope that you can create the space to connect with your true self in that silence within and come back to us stronger and full of love,peace and truth all much needed in the world today. With love. Joy


  2. Wow! What wonderful words. I also pray for the day when Ozzy is set free….. And that day can’t come quickly enough for me and all those who believes in him. Thanks

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