Christmas Message Time!

Dear friends,

Christmas is fast approaching and we need your messages for Oscar, this year along a theme of ‘blessings’.

We’d love for you to attach a picture to your message (or just a picture, if it has the message/quote you want to send already on it) – we want to make SFO bright and cheery over the festive season.

Please send your messages and pictures to us via our usual email, or by PMing our Facebook page.

Get them in to us between now and 23rd December. Any later than that, and they will be published after 26 December (but they will still be published!).

Many thanks,

Mira and Laura

One thought on “Christmas Message Time!

  1. Dear Oscar,
    I have followed your case since it started you are my hero and an inspiration to me I’m so proud of all that u have accomplished in your life and I don’t believe you are guilty of killing your girlfriend on purpose I still believe you thought she was an intruder I wish u weren’t having to serve jail time I hope you stay strong and tell yourself you can make it through this I believe in you so much you are handsome and smart keep your head up I will always be your number one fan and happy holidays to you and your family wish I could write to you personally your friend Lindsay Pieper😍


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