The Truth Is In Your Heart


I watch your trials on youtube.. and I believed the truth is in your heart… a heart of love.. a heart of protecting your loved one but it turned in an accident.. I pray for your health.. and praying to believe in God forever… God bless you…

Vhang Martinez

Love and Prayers

Dearest Oscar, even though it may be sometime since I’ve written to you, I never stop thinking of you. Now that you have not been feeling well I just wanted to send you my prayers & love. Keep on fighting Oscar, never give up, that’s what us people with disabilities do best! Keep on going, believing in ourselves & God. We know that God never leaves us, he is always by our side even when things look the worst! He gives us strength & courage to carry on.

Take care Oscar & I hope you feeling better soon.

Love Pauline ♥♥ ➕