What Oscar Means To Me


I sent you all my Christian tapes when all this happened! I met your aunt at the Grove and she said she would see that you got it!

I could not believe what happened to you! I know that you are telling the truth.

I am very lonely and that is a long story but every time I want to give up I think of you and how extremely difficult it must be for you and that has carried me through the past few years.

I know that God has plan for me but I especially know that He has a plan for you!

I pray for you every day and KNOW that God will never leave nor forsake you……….. and me!

Lots of love and blessings!


Always In My Heart

Dearest Oscar,

Days come & days pass. Many is the hour that I think of you. Everyday I ask for inspiration for words of hope I can send to you.
These do not come easily. Much has been shared with you however it can only offer some consolation in dealing with this woeful injustice. So I do not wish to keep repeating my sense of deep sadness at the outcome of this Tragedy.
Last night on YouTube I was listening to the words of an Indian man of great wisdom … his name OSHO. I have been learning from him for many years now.

Last night I chose to listen to his words on BOREDOM & ALONENESS. Or perhaps I was guided.
These two states of being must be your greatest burden in prison and so I ask you….. if you are “free” to do so to listen to OSHO on BOREDOM & ALONENESS.

Once you can overcome these very human conditions you will be freed from the burden of your imprisonment. These states are not easily overcome. Very few men on earth can accomplish this. However with your extraordinary character perhaps you will be guided & freed from the stupidity of mankind and you will once again be a “free” man inspite of your imprisonment.
I do hope that an opportunity presents itself so that you can take a leap into the unknown.
And the unknown rests deep in your heart where only you & God can go.

I think of you everyday Oscar, and your family and pray that God will Grace us all with his wisdom.

As a generalization it appears society has no idea how to go about this.

Much Love to You.

Michele SA/UK.