Heartfelt Condolences

My heartfelt condolences to the Pistorius family on the loss of their beloved Oupi. I hope memories of the many years you shared, brings much comfort and helps gets you through this very difficult time. Thinking of you all… God Bless.
You are not alone… We are all here for you.

Angela MC ( England ) X

With You In Spirit And Support

Hello Oscar,

I have never written to a celebrity before and have never felt so strongly that an innocent man was convicted. We watched the recent Amazon documentary and we are horrified. We are absolutely horrified! I can’t believe that because of a tragic accident, you were convicted and sentenced to so many years in prison. I believe the original judge understood the case and that each subsequent judge was in the wrong.
I just wanted to let you know that my family and I, as well as several friends who saw the documentary, are completely with you in spirit and support. Just know that there is a group of people in Southern California who absolutely believe you.

Stay strong.

Catherine and family

Standing By You


God is with you. He knows your heart and your truth. Just stay close to Him, dear one.

All those who have falsely accused you, persecuted you, maligned you and judged you in whatever form will one day have to give an account of themselves.

Standing by you,

Avril Brandt
Gloucs, UK