Hope: Susan

Dear Oscar,

I read a quote that says hope is endurance. You know about endurance, you had to learn it, from your first faltering steps on your prosthetic legs as an infant to the determination to keep pushing yourself to train, even though your stumps were bloodied and sore. You have had to endure the pain of being misunderstood and separated from your family at a time when you most needed understanding, love and support. There are many in the world who see you as you really are. We have not forgotten, nor been swayed by the false beliefs of others. We join our hope, love and faith with yours. We will stand by you for as long as it takes, until the possibilities unseen in this moment become your reality.

“Hope is being able to see that there is light, despite all the darkness”.
~ Desmond Tutu.

With love

Hope: Sara

Dear Oscar,

Don’t give up all you have worked so hard for your whole life or let the villains win. You do have a bright future ahead if you are willing to hope and believe in it, and make it happen. You are still here, so you must have a purpose in life to show the world.
Always hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Love Sara. x