Drawing: Human

Dear Oscar,

I hope you are okay. My latest drawing of you is based on the chorus to “Human” by Rag ‘n’ Bone Man. It’s my way of saying that even though you are a Paralympic athlete, who are often described as “super-humans”, you are still human and have certain insecurities, imperfections and vulnerabilities like other people do. Your great sporting achievements don’t negate this, and the authorities need to realize it.
It’s wrong for people to scapegoat you for their society’s problems. They should acknowledge and tackle them, so they can create a better future for the next generation. You are a human being with rights and feelings, and it’s not right to condemn you for one mistake. Being famous does not make someone perfect and it’s unfair to expect famous people to never make mistakes, whether they’re “role models” or not. They’re still human and it’s cruel to use them as easy targets when it comes to society’s troubles, or tear them down.
Putting the blame on you solves nothing. This needs to stop now and true justice must be done.

We are always here for you.

Love Sara. xx

Change Your Story

Dear Oscar,

Happy Chinese New Year. I hope the Year of the Rooster will start to turn things around in your favour. We can’t wait for the day when true justice is done and you are finally free to move on with your life.
My latest drawing is with the song “Naughty” from the musical ‘Matilda’. It’s about a girl who is very clever but is constantly oppressed and bullied. Then after reading about other unlucky characters from famous stories, she decides to stand up for herself. It shows that you shouldn’t have to put up with life if it’s not fair, and you have the power to change it. If you just tolerate abuse and let the enemy walk over you, nothing will change and you’re making injustice look acceptable, which is wrong. You shouldn’t have to live like this. If you don’t like your story, change it.
You don’t deserve to be treated so badly or be victimized. Your country’s system should have treated you fairly and equally, but they didn’t and there’s no excuse for that. Please don’t think you deserve “everything you get” because of what happened, or pretend this nightmare is “God’s will” and there’s a “reason” for it to happen. There’s no justification for people to treat you like this, full stop. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
No one except you can change your story, so don’t let people treat you like a punchbag any more. You have rights like everyone else, so you must stand up for them. Don’t let this tragedy and people’s narrow-minded opinions define who you are, or poison your hopes and dreams for the future. You are in charge of your own destiny. Show everyone you won’t be defeated and there won’t be anything you can’t do.

Change your story,
love Sara. xx

Merry Christmas: Sara D

Dear Oscar,

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope this holiday and the coming year 2017 are filled with promise, and that things start to get better at last for you.

My present to you is a drawing with the chorus to the song “Fly” by Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. It shows that after much adversity and troubled times, you are ready to fight and overcome all that you have been through. Then you feel like you can conquer anything, and so you are flying and rising above those who failed to defeat you.

May this holiday and New Year be filled with blessings, and the start of better things to come. Let them fill you with renewed strength and dreams for the future, and remind you there’s nothing you can’t do.

Merry Christmas,

love Sara. xx


Happy 30th Birthday: Sara D

Dear Oscar,

Happy 30th birthday! My wish for you is that your 30th year is the start of better things to come, and things start turning around for good.

My present to you is a new drawing with the song “Unstoppable” by Sia. It’s telling you that you must not let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams, or let anyone defeat you. You can do anything you want to if you put the work in and believe in yourself. 
You were unstoppable on the track, so don’t give up now as your victory is coming. Enjoy your special day!
Be unstoppable,
love Sara. xx
“Your love makes me strong. Your hate makes me unstoppable.” – Cristiano Ronaldo.

Drawing: You’re Simply The Best

Dear Oscar,

I hope you’re doing okay. It’s ridiculous that the state are still appealing your case and won’t leave you alone. It has to stop now.
My latest drawing of you includes the words to “The Best” by Tina Turner. It is inspired by the recent Olympics and Paralympics. We saw many great performances and winners, but there was no one like you. You are simply the best and one of a kind. No one comes even remotely close to being such a great influence in sport like you, and no other disabled athlete has competed in the Olympics since you did. Not many people have done these things, so you are unique.

We’re still fighting for you, and hope you are too. Don’t give up or listen to ignorant people who want you to fade away. You have every right to get back out there and be a hero again; tough luck if they don’t like that. No one has the right to tell you how to live your life. It’s nobody else’s business but yours. Ignore negative people, and only live for yourself and those who care about you, and who want to build you up. You can do anything you want to do. It’s your life, and no one else’s. You are in charge of your own destiny.

Love Sara. xx