Take Courage

Dear Oscar

Its such sad news that they refuse to reduce your sentence. Take courage in knowing that no one can stop time. Regardless of what is ruled against you the hands of the clock move forever onward to that special day when you will be freed to start a new life. Also as Iv’e written before you are not alone we your supporters believe without a doubt that the shooting of your beloved Reeva was a terrible mistake. Its just so sad that we as South Africans need to take refuge in our homes from the daily threat of crime. And too as I‘ve written before we may not be inside of the prison with you but each one of us surround you with love support and I hope a little comfort. Love and hugs as always.


Keep The Faith


keep the faith no matter how hard you know it is. God is always on your side as is sooo many people world wide. You are an inspiration to so many people in this wild & crazy world & don’t ever forget that.

Thinking of you & keep the chin up……love all the way from Ireland

With Love At Easter

Dear Oscar

At this time of the year our thoughts turn to the events of Passover week. As Jesus made his entrance into Jerusalem palm branches were waved. In remembrance of that we now get palm crosses on Palm Sunday and here is mine which I gift to you. May it represent the victory of your spirit as it does the victory of Jesus Christ.

With love at Easter
from Sally (UK)

Good Friday

Dear Oscar,

Today is Good Friday when we remember that Jesus died for sinners like me. He rose again though three days and started had a NEW life. He did this for you and I. What Jesus did, I believe you will do too. A NEW life awaits you, Oscar. Seize the opportunities it offers you. I wish you JOY, FULFILMENT and THAT PEACE which only Jesus brings into our lives. Amen!