Into Place

🍃 Ego says. “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace”. Spirit says, “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place 🍃Once we find our Peace and know Who we are, we become immune to the outside world. Focus within, for that is where your strength lies. You are far stronger than you know.God Bless you son. Love you always. Gerda

Work in His Name

Dear Oscar, I was so heartbroken to to hear about the the latest judgement which meant an increase in your prison sentence. Please know that I know that you didn’t murder Reeva and my heart goes out to you. What happened to you could have happened to any one of us and no-one could have shown more remorse than you have. I do believe that God has a lot of work for you to do in His name whilst you are in prison.

Please know that I am praying for you.

God bless you.

Lynne Matthews

My hart is stukkend vir sy part

Alles van die beset vir Osci. My hart is stukkend vir sy part. Osci jy moet sterk wees soos nog nooit tevore. Ek bid vir jou.

Judith Haefele

English Translation:
All the best for Osci. My heart is broken for him. Osci you must be strong like never before. I’m praying for you.


Dear Oscar,

I’m so sorry and angry to hear about the terrible news, which was very cruelly announced near your birthday too. It’s outrageous that verdicts and sentences can just be overturned in your system without so much as a retrial. Even more awful is that biased “lawyers” can lie to courts, be believed and get away with their corrupt behaviour at your expense. I also find it highly insulting to Judge Masipa that people accuse her of being wrong about everything when she was only doing her job in reality, unlike everyone else. It all never ceases to disgust me.

I hope there’ll be some sort of miracle and someone will rectify this grave injustice.

Love Sara. xx

Own Your Purpose

I am so sorry for your ordeal, but as long as you have a breadth to breath, you have purpose. Own your purpose, and use your desert time as a period to really find the new you. You deserve forgiveness, and hopefully you have forgiven yourself.

Eldaline Botha