The Winter-green Oak

The Winter-green Oak – an extraordinary, perennial species  

Dear Oscar,

the trees shown in the image grow near the small church in my village where I’ve been living for four years now. In the beginning I did not notice that there might be something special about them.
As time went on I observed that two of the trees were already in full leaf before all the other trees and shrubs around had even started to come into leaf. I asked myself if they were only more responsive to the warm rays of the spring sun than the other trees, or if they were evergreen. I could not imagine that because, until then, I had not heard of trees in central Europe that kept their leaves during the cool season, except for the broad range of conifers.

During the following winter I kept a close eye on them. They remained green although there was snow for several weeks and freezing temperatures until Easter. When spring came, the foliage was less dense and the leaves showed signs of necrosis, but it was obvious that the trees itselves had remained unharmed. I searched the internet and found out that there is indeed one evergreen oak species growing in central Europe. 

The current winter is unusually mild, with little snow and minus temperatures for only a couple of days so far. The trees look healthy and beautiful.

I do not know the purpose of the evergreen characteristic of these trees – is it only for pleasure, a kind of ‘freak of nature’? Or is it part of natural balance which cause or relation I do not comprehend, or which mission is not accomplished yet?

Thank you for being different, Oscar.

May you remain the exceptional person we all got to know.

Best regards,
Deborah (Germany)

Your Smile

‘Let your smile change the world; don’t let the world change your smile’

Great to see you smiling champ!! And your cousins are ADORABLE. All those happy faces – yours included.

Keep that smile on your face, in your eyes and in our hearts!!

Shelley UK


We are here to restore your Human Dignity



This kind of media coverage and biased “trial by everybody who thinks he knows the truth” conduct has to stop immediately

Although I still believe, that press freedom and the freedom of expression should not be restricted in any kind of way, the overflow of reports which primarily serve the purpose to satisfy the lust for sensationalism does not help to establish any kind of confidence into the work of the press at all.

In the case of Oscar the so called ”public interest” amounts into breaching his human rights in the most abhorrent way.

Each released photo or article that is not in connection with an official appearance of Oscar gravely violates his private sphere and even worst his own dignity, the one of his family and friends is trampled.

I am also deeply disappointed by the states handling of the whole trial. To allow this amount of media presence is like a medieval witch hunt and therefore the proceeding can by no way be fair and impartial.

Dear Oscar,

At the moment you are deeply hurt and hunted by individuals I would like to call “creepy crawlers” who try to denounce and humiliate you in public.

But we – all those who believe in you – are here and we will not leave you alone.
Please be sure that we will try our best to protect, support and lead you through this extremely though times.
Maybe our efforts are only some small drops in a big ocean but together we are strong and will help to restore you HUMAN DIGNITY.


Lots of Love


Nelson Mandela Day

18th July

Lest his sacrifice be in vain and his example forgotten
Mercy not retribution
Forgiveness not condemnation
Love not hate


“You will achieve more in this world through acts of mercy than you will through acts of retribution”
~ Nelson Mandela

You & We


Dear Oscar,

In this strange world there is not much we can take for granted except these essential facts:

YOU have touched our hearts with your dignity and humanity.

WE can see your beautiful soul and will protect you against all those who spread prejudice and hate.

YOU will never walk alone; there will always be those who understand and reach out to you.

WE would like to see you again on a track – just running for yourself – without pressure and unwanted attention.

YOU will always be loved by those who know you so well and are not guided by false rumours or even nasty lies.

WE believe in your spirit, your heartfelt remorse and deep pain and one day you will be able to forgive yourself.

Until then you can count on us because there will always be YOU and WE.

God bless you OSCAR