Welcome Home: Blaire


Dear Oscar,

As you start this next chapter of your journey, know that God is with you every step of the way. I can’t imagine how long this past year has felt for you and it’s been such a rough journey… but you have conquered the latest hurdle. I thank God he’s brought you home and I am so happy for you. I’ve prayed abundantly for you over this past year and the prayers will keep reaching heaven on your behalf. I pray that you are home for good and that this is the first step to healing and peace. I also pray for God to keep you safe and for your recovery to begin. When you feel overwhelmed with life and the struggles ahead, focus your gaze above the waves to the God who calms the storm.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to express how you feel. But I know one thing, there was something missing whilst you were away. Maybe it was that force of compassion and kindness you have and the way you touch others. And now that you are here with us again, the stars will shine brighter, this I am sure of.

Enjoy home and your family, Oscar! I beg God to keep you right with them.

Blaire Varney, USA

Welcome Home: Elsa

Oscar as jy maar weet hoe ek gevoel het die dag toe jy by daardie hof se trappe afgestap het na jou sel was als binne my gebreek. Nou kan jou nuwe lewe begin. Hou net vas aan God. Bly vir jou.

Elsa Van Zyl

English Translation:
Oscar if only you knew how I felt the day you walked down those stairs to your cell. The inside of me felt broken. Now you can start a new life. Have faith in God. I am happy for you.

Welcome Home: Cheree


I’m soo very happy for you an your amazing family … It’s now your time to heal and deal through this tragedy that you have been through… I did, do and always will believe in your innocence … May each day be a blessing to you, and I hope you believe in yourself as well … Allllllllll the absolute best Oscar to U and your wonderful family xx

Cheree Cox