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  1. Dear Oscar,
    This war we call life is an on-going struggle. Don’t give up. You have overcome insurmountable obstacles in your young life, you can overcome this one. You are an amazing inspiration to this day and you have faced up to the challenge like a real decent man. You will survive this and come out stronger, believe me. Just know, you’re not alone, we stand by you! We humans are resilient, despite inconceivable odds. Just keep going! Keep the faith!

    love & light coming your way..


  2. Time 2 up the Game(defense)! I believe u didn’t do it with intent thus High Crime and with my training (Personal Security) almost a victim too! If needed get overseas experts; blood spatter on ur side and that’s all I needed! X-examine no indication; I was on Law side and felt like Criminal in court! Keep ur Faith and sue state for lowering training standards thus SAPS not trusted and High Crime; so we Civilians paranoid and hav 2 protect ourselves – Vleis Visagie- too! No norm in SA like Gerrie stated!! Don’t stand 4 bullying but try 2 stay out of public eye even if u hav nothing 2 hide! Humans vultures!! Thanx for apology; I appreciated it!!


  3. Ek glo 100% in jou!!! Daar gaan nie ‘n dag verby wat ek nie aan jou en jou familie dink nie. Ek staan agter jou!


  4. My heart goes out to you Oscar – I have tried to imagine how you are feeling but could not cope with even that – please know that I am praying for you and may our Lord Jesus give you peace, utter peace for this awful time !


  5. There but for the Grace of God, go I. As said many times before, I will never let go of you Oscar. The greatest gift is forgiveness and with that comes responsibility. I’ll stand by you, always.


  6. My dear Oscar – you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.
    Accidents do happen and this was a huge accident.
    Everyone is saying why FOUR shots but I heard this morning that an expert says it is very easy to fire four shots. The first shot makes one deaf and another 3 shots can go off very easily.
    With regard to Reeva taking her cell phone to the toilet, I am a widow and a pensioner, I live on my own. When I have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night I take my cell phone and my reading glasses to see if I have received any sms’s. So it is possible for people to take their cell phones into the toilet.
    Also, my son lives in an estate that is not half as expensive as where Oscar resides, and you cannot hear anything when you’re inside his cluster. Many times when I speak to him and I say there was a terrific storm last night he tells me that he didn’t hear anything. How can Oscar’s neighbours say they heard screaming – these extremely expensive clusters are not on top of each other so how can the neighbours say they heard screaming.

    My dear Oscar, my greatest wish is that when this nightmare is over, I will have the pleasure and honour of meeting you face to face.

    God be with you my son.


    • The prosecution also say Reeva locked the door, but why should she when they were in a loving relationship. That means nothing, I lock the door when I’m in an empty house never mind the middle of the night.

      I will always believe in Oscar Pistorius


      • I agree with you, when i visit friends i also lock the door and when family or friends are visiting i also lock the door.

        Oscar i believe in you , i am to scared to work in my garden during the day when i am on my own so i cant even imagine how scared you were that night.

        God Bless you



      • I too lock my bedroom door, take my phone for light to the bathroom at night and DEFINITELY lock myself in in my room at night. My doors and veranda is constantly lock 24/7, only windows open, so I find nothing odd by locking doors and bathrooms. I put the alarm on when I am in the shower. Nel thinks it is a game of chess when he sees a gap he makes some or other move. Nothing wrong in locking, it is better ! ! ! besides girls do have private things and of course she would not want Oscar to walk in on her while doing private things, it is definitely embarrassing even in a very long relationship. So I do not find locking the door odd. fact remains, we love Oscar, and we are behind you my dear. I really cry and pray and think of you ever so much. you are surrounded all the time by good thoughts and positive thoughts and lots of prayers. Angels with you my dear Oscar. I too wish that I can meet you one day in person.

        Much love from
        Elize and family


  7. So good to see how many people are supporting Oscar, so many beautiful messages hope all of them touches his hart and that he will just remember them all and know that all our prayers and thoughts are going out for him and I know that God hears every prayer too. ” God just be with Oscar today let your Holy Spirit lead him and be with him all the day long and forever. God you are in control of this trial just rake care of Oscar today let him be calm and let him completely trust in you thank you Lord we praise your name and ask this in the mighty name of Jesus name Amen” Love Fransie


  8. My darling Oscar – you are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray to our Good Wonderful Forgiving Lord above to give you strength in this trying time and to assist your family to be strong.
    Please Lord help Oscar to win this battle.
    God bless you and yours.


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