Fighting Your Corner

Hi Oscar,
can’t believe it’s nearly TWO years since you were wrongfully jailed now, Although a good amount of time might have passed my love, support and respect for you is still as strong as it was on Day 1 of this horrible journey. One day when you have finally been release I would to love to meet you, shake your hand and give a massive hug like!
Keep strong and know that there are many people like me out here fighting your corner everyday. From.
James Roberts, Liverpool, UK 🇬🇧❤️🇿🇦

The Coolest Sportsperson

It’s been some time since we had anything positive in the media about Oscar, but a supporter has found this for us.

Her words – “Just saw this. Oscar in top 10 coolest sports person in S.A. voted by the youth. In 8th place, up two from last year. The youth are very discerning. Shows all his hard work and achievements continue to inspire 💙”

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