A Different Perspective 

Dear Oscar

I love this photo of the Earth and Moon. It was taken last month by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. It provides a view of our existence that we very rarely see. Pictures of the Earth are usually partial views from ISS or whole images taken from the moon, but to see the Earth and Moon together and watch their dance is a beautiul sight. In this picture is pretty much everyone who ever lived hanging in the black nothing with our faithful companion so near and yet so far. Viewing our lives in this different perspective is quite profound and I have stared at it in wonder for some time, stirring up motivations and joys that I hadn’t experienced for a while. It reminds me of the value in looking at something familiar in another way. Sometimes I worry about how you may feel you are losing or wasting years of your life and the mental burden that may bring, but then I heard on the radio the statisitic that the average person will spend eight and a half years of their lives watching TV. So I looked at your situation from a different perspective, if you spend every moment you can in pursuit of meaningful and productive goals you actually won’t have lost any time at all on the average person. It’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years.

Keep going, we are proud of you.

Katie Baldwin

A Totally Different Perspective

I too live in the UK but am originally from s.africa. I must be honest and say at the beginning I believed Oscar was guilty due to what the media was portraying. However, after watching his interview. I have a totally different perspective on this tragedy. I felt I was walking in his shoes and seeing and feeling how he did that fatal night. Only someone who has grown up in SA and understand the violent culture will u appreciate the fear that goes through you at a time like this. No one seems to admire him for his courage and the instinct to protect Reeva  at what he perceived as a home invasion. Oscars life will never be the same and he has to live with his memories forever. I wish him peace of mind, contentment and happiness. I hope his 6 yr sentence goes by quickly for him and that he can look to the future with anticipation and courage. All the very best. X