I pray everyday for a miracle.

Life can change in a minute in a negative way but at the same time could be in a positive way. I followed what happened since the first day and I felt that your sad eyes were talking about innocence. You are a real here wherever you are and no one can take your life of achievments. Keep your faith in God and I am sure He will take you out soon and you will have a new life.
I had miracles in my life and I can tell you you are never alone. I do believe in angels and compassion and they came into my life so many times.

God bless you my dear friend.

With Great Respect

Our Dearest most precious Oscar.

Just to tell you I think of you everyday.
When I awake in the morning I say Our Fathers Pray & I sometimes repeat it many times a day because that is how often I think of you.
There are many many of us who are aware of the Hell you are living everyday. Society has become a sick, corrupted mess. I cannot begin to imagine how our Angels in Heaven are feeling. However Oscar they are there! This must be very hard for you to believe and I have so many things I could say to you however let us not throw Pearls before the swine.
Know that you are loved & many understand what has happened from start to present.

We pray for You Oscar.
We Love You Oscar.
God Bless you.

With Great Respect to you Oscar.

Take Courage

Dear Oscar

Its such sad news that they refuse to reduce your sentence. Take courage in knowing that no one can stop time. Regardless of what is ruled against you the hands of the clock move forever onward to that special day when you will be freed to start a new life. Also as Iv’e written before you are not alone we your supporters believe without a doubt that the shooting of your beloved Reeva was a terrible mistake. Its just so sad that we as South Africans need to take refuge in our homes from the daily threat of crime. And too as I‘ve written before we may not be inside of the prison with you but each one of us surround you with love support and I hope a little comfort. Love and hugs as always.