Own Your Purpose

I am so sorry for your ordeal, but as long as you have a breadth to breath, you have purpose. Own your purpose, and use your desert time as a period to really find the new you. You deserve forgiveness, and hopefully you have forgiven yourself.

Eldaline Botha

The Good Things

Dear Oscar,

I am very sorry for what you go through. It is sad to have a day like this. Just remember, forgiveness is a hard road to walk. They have judge you and won’t forget what happened. But don’t be sad, always remember the good things and time you had. And like my son in Heaven, what ever we did wrong, maybe not giving the last kiss or hug, they are our guardian angels. They will always be around.

God bless,

Jo Anne De Villiers


Why is it so much easier to forgive others than to forgive yourself? I guess we have compassion towards others that sometimes we lack towards ourselves. Oscar, you need to forgive yourself in order to move on. But in the meantime always remember that God has already forgiven you.

Sally (UK)

Letting Go


Oscar GOD loves to and His plans for you are GOOD plans : Plans to PROSPER you and NOT plans to harm you (Jeremiah 29:11-14) Be of good cheer and let your heart be lifted up with encouragement! GOD will never leave you nor forsake you! In the darkest night His Presence and Promises stand like a Beacon in the storm…. AND HE will calm down the storm with HIS OWN HAND…. AND everyone will see what He has done and WORSHIP Him!!!! HE IS THE GOD OF GOD OF THE BREAKTHROUGH AND WILL MANIFEST HIMSELF IN YOUR LIFE! Hallelujah PRAISE GOD who encouraged both you and your family ☺👍💗👑


Conquer bad days and be the champion that YOU ARE ✅😀😇
God resists the proud but gives abundant GRACE to the humble!

Retha Beselaar

Healing Through Forgiveness

We’ve been sent a lovely letter from someone who thought this story might be of some comfort to Reeva’s parents:

To Reeva’s parents,

I hope the Steenkamp family get to read these posts, because this one is for them.

I know that no-one deserves to bury a child, and that to be in that position is one of the most devastating and painful that a parent can experience. However, if we cling to our grief with unforgiveness and revenge, we are doing irretrievable harm to our own physical health and spiritual peace. The only way to begin to heal is to let go of revengeful hatred and to forgive, regardless of the circumstances. The following account illustrates this truth.

A Utah dad’s inspiring words are going viral in the midst of a devastating loss. After his son Simon Olsen and his girlfriend, Hailie Godfrey, both 18, were killed in a head-on collision, Lane Olsen took to Facebook to express his grief over his loss. But he also had some surprising words for the driver of the car that killed the teens, Tanner Evans, who walked away from the crash with injuries that are not life-threatening.

Olsen’s Facebook post has since been shared nearly 3,000 times since it was posted. It reads:

Today has been the worst day of my life! No parent should have to bury their child.

As a family our hearts go out to Tanner Evans, who was the driver that killed my son Simon and his girlfriend Hailie.
What is crazy about this accident is that we know their family very
well, his father was my Assistant basketball coach for AAU, we coached together for 5 years and former bishop. Tanners older son played on the High School team with my son Chandler and they were best friends.

With Tanner coming home last week from his mission we can’t imagine the guilt and pain he is feeling. We hold no hard feelings and we love that family!

I spoke to his father Matt, and he says that he is devastated and their family is feeling the same pain and sadness.

I am so proud of my children. When my son Chandler Olsen found out who the driver was, he wanted to drive over and tell the family that we forgive them and have no hard feelings. My daughter Lexi Sparks posted on her FB wall to pray for him and his family. Gehrig Olsen is not angry either.

This is what Simon would of wanted, he loved everyone and would want everyone to be laughing and have no anger.
I’m sure Simon would say “Guys relax I will you see all very soon, I’m skydiving in Heaven and practicing my basketball skills”
I’m humbled by the power of forgiveness for this is the only way to heal and move forward.

from Jenny

With Expertise

On Sunday I watched the BBC interview with Oscar Pistorius on “60 Minutes” in Australia.
It was gut -wrenching watching this poor man go through severe symptoms of Major Depression and PTSD. I am an Australian doctor with expertise in these areas.
It was clear that his consistent version of events matches the forensic evidence, and much concocted evidence has been disproven.
This has become a gladiatorial spectacle. It is ugly and unseemly and this is the face of the new South Africa presented to the rest of the world.
When Mandela and others were conferring before Apartheid was abolished, a sense of being led by the hand of God was reported.
When Mandela was president, the Modus Operandus of the legal processes addressing the atrocities of what had preceded was that of forgiveness.
What would the great man think now?
It is clear that the incident in question was at worst Manslaughter, or in your country, Culpable Homicide.
However, if one, through vengeance, plots by any means, including defamation or by sullying legal processe,s to manipulate a man to his death, this is premeditated murder. Did you think He would not judge?
As tragic as this was, none of this will bring her back. Forgiveness brings universal peace. He was going to be your son. Do you want this for your son?