Never Lose Your Faith

Hallo Oscar

I keep on praying daily for you!!!! You will get through this much stronger, wiser good character!! Never lose your faith and keep on keeping on in the faith of all God’s promises to you!!!! It will come to pass in due season.

That’s the hardest part! What do you do while waiting on God for the fulfilment of His Word! Focus, be disciplined and treasure your winning and positive spirit!!! In God’s eyes you have been and always be a winner, on overcomes – No, MORE THAN A CONQUEROR because you walk and live in the completed and finished work on the cross. Because He overcame and endured the cross – by fixing the His eyes on the fulfilment of the bigger reward from His Father – so can and will you!!! No one else can define you or who you are and are to become except for the One Who designed you to walk worthy and blameless in His sight!! He rejoices over you and your life In HIM!!! Be strong, courageous and filled with the Holy Spirit – your ONLY Counsellor and the Perfecter of your faith! Don’t look around for help but LOOK UP day after day!!!

Many sincere intercessors are praying for you every day for REAL AND LASTING RESTORATION! Don’t be discouraged by reading visible and natural dimension. It’s going to diminish soon. Invest in spiritual eternal Truth and Joy and Righteousness. GOD IS FAITHFUL ALWAYS (He cannot lie to Himself) but in ALL things give glory to the Father!!! Keep on keeping on amidst all trials and tribulations daily! And have a teachable heart so that God can transform you by the renewing of your mind – thinking patterns, habits and emotions! And the GOD of all peace and joy is with you today and every other day now and forever, until you have reached the finish line of victory and triumph over all the schemes of Satan!!!

Be blessed and pass on this blessing to those around you in desperate need for a healing touch of God! God bless you now and always! Memorise Romans 12:1 – 2! Don’t give up on your dreams and God’s calling on your live!!! NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

Retha Beselaar

Merry Christmas: Jenny

Dearest Ozzie, my heart is with you this Christmas. Know that you are in my thoughts. God won’t take you to troubled waters and leave you. He will carry you over it. I pray that God will bless you with peace and with the courage to see you through all of this that has crossed your path. God always looks out for the lost. You still remain our golden boy and we love you. Be strong and keep your faith. Faith that can move mountains. Know God is watching over you and you have so many loyal supporters. Be blessed and know that God is a God of love. You remain my hero. God bless and keep your head high.

Don’t let the darkness of the past cover the brightness of the future.

“The Fastest Man Without Legs”. Read your book. Wish I could meet you.

Love from a fan who thinks you are awesome.

Jenny Meyer 💛💛💛💛💛

Merry Christmas: David

Merry Christmas Oscar, I know it must be very hard but I want to wish you a very happy Christmas and that you must always remember that we serve an awesome God and that He forgave you long before….. He loves you. Happy new year.

David Slick

Merry Christmas: Kevin, Patty, Andrew, Tessa and Rigby

Merry Christmas Oscar.

Within you the universe is folded…this is how God created you. This is the perfection of man’s creation. God created all of you and will never give up on you, He continues to hold you and love you in your entirety.

Our wish is that with each passing day you heal more and more, and find your way to a deep and fulfilling wonderment that will become a true inspiration for an amazing future.

We will all say a prayer for you on Christmas Day.
You are never forgotten Oscar.

With love and thoughts from us all in Kenya.

Kevin and Patty,
Andrew, Tessa and Rigby