Love and Prayers

Dearest Oscar, even though it may be sometime since I’ve written to you, I never stop thinking of you. Now that you have not been feeling well I just wanted to send you my prayers & love. Keep on fighting Oscar, never give up, that’s what us people with disabilities do best! Keep on going, believing in ourselves & God. We know that God never leaves us, he is always by our side even when things look the worst! He gives us strength & courage to carry on.

Take care Oscar & I hope you feeling better soon.

Love Pauline ♥♥ ➕

One Day

Oscar, I have been thinking about you today. Because I feel you need to be with your family, even if it is for the shortest leave that can be granted. You have behaved well for such a long time. You never misbehave, you are like a lamb, tame, accepting count your blessings Oscar of having a family that is behind you and which love you like a diamond. Try not to stress “we are all here” Those are the words said by men of GodApostle Paul while they were thrown into prison for preaching word of God.. The son of God opened the prison strong doors to show his power over our earthly items. The men of God did not run away because they loved God and trusted Him. One day Oscar you will be home and read these messages.


It Has Been Long

We pray for you to keep “hope” things are going to be all right for you. I pray to my God that those that are in power may be touched by the finger of God, our Heavenly Father to think about you. It has been long. You deserve a move from prison. From 24 hour watch. You don’t need that now. You need few minutes with your siblings and family. I am praying for this. We love you Oscar, we discuss about you, we hope for the best. You are still young you have a great future in front of you. God is going to be with you. You are going to flourish as you had before and despite your status you remained humble as you are. Yes you are at a wrong place but you will leave that place and be with your family. God loves you Oscar,we love you. we think about you and talk about you.

Philisiwe Harriet Lungu
Pontypridd S E WALES UK

Moenie ju moed verlor

Hi Oscar, moenie ju moed verlor. God is en hy sal altyd dar wees …. j sal uitkm en gelukig km bly dis ju wereld moenie warie met di mense wat oordelni…. may God bless u

Menesia Muvi Werikune

English Translation:
Hi Oscar. Don’t lose your courage. God is there for you and he will always be there. You will come out and be happy. It’s your world, don’t worry about people who judge you…. May God bless you.

Rest with Me

Oscar, some days are long and tough. So stop and rest with Me for a while. Don’t worry about what’s ahead. Don’t think about the past or the future. Just focus on right here and right now – with Me.

I created time to protect you. Because I am timeless, I can see your entire life from beginning to end – all at the same time. But I knew that you couldn’t bear to see your whole life all at once. So I created time to hide your future from you, to protect you.

You can do nothing about the past, so just let it go. You cannot know the future, so put it aside. Meet Me here and now – in this moment of time. TRUST that I am with you, watching over you wherever you go.

Aneliz Smit Calitz

God sal genees wat seer maak

Jou glimlag sal ons weer sien … God sal genees wat seer maak … jy bly my goue seun …. staan sterk Oscar …. jy is in miljoene se gebede…. liefde ….

Tertia vd Westhuizen … Secunda, Mpumalanga

English Translation:
Your smile will see us again … God will heal what hurts … you stay my golden son …. stand strong Oscar …. you are in millions of prayers

Hope: Tessa

The Spirit of Hope

Wherefore must the loved ones of God, laboriously, with the waters of their striving, tend and nourish and foster his tree of hope. In whatsoever land they dwell, let them with a whole heart befriend and be companions to those who are either close to them, or far removed. Let them, with qualities like unto those of heaven, promote the institutions and the religion of God. Let them never lose heart, never be despondent, never feel afflicted. The more antagonism they meet, the more let them show their own good faith; the more torments and calamities they have to face, the more generously let them pass round the bounteous cup. Such is the spirit which will become the life of the world, such is the spreading light at its heart ….

Bahai Writings on hope

Tessa Hamilton