The Good Things

Dear Oscar,

I am very sorry for what you go through. It is sad to have a day like this. Just remember, forgiveness is a hard road to walk. They have judge you and won’t forget what happened. But don’t be sad, always remember the good things and time you had. And like my son in Heaven, what ever we did wrong, maybe not giving the last kiss or hug, they are our guardian angels. They will always be around.

God bless,

Jo Anne De Villiers

Protect what is important to you – Assurance of Support

For Oscar –

A couple of days ago, I saw this advertisement appearing on all the scrolling boards at the central station. I was literally surrounded by angel wings.
I thought how wonderful it is that, occasionally, people come into our lives who are helping us in any way, and vanish before we have realized that they affected us.

May this kind of people – some call them guardian angels – appear in your life when you least expect them, in prison and outside.

Deborah (Germany)