Hope: Heather

Hope: Guardian of the Soul

If faith is the substance of things hoped for, and evidence of things unseen; then hope is surely sustenance for the soul. Nurturing, edifying, lifeblood of the spirit.
With hope we are nourished, strengthened and sustained by the things we are sure of. Love, compassion, forgiveness, belief. Elemental, life preserving, manna from heaven.
Hope softens the gnawing hunger for things yet longed for; justice, mercy and understanding. Thirst assuaged by the reassurance of things foreshadowed and the blessed certainty of Charity and Grace.
Hope is the covering of cloud by day, the fire to illumine the night, and the still small voice of calm that calls and inspires through a wilderness of pain and uncertainty, on towards a place of promise and joy.
Hope is protector and guardian of the soul, while faith brings us home; to a place and a future where healing and happiness are assured, and peace, blessed peace, will reign eternal.
Oscar, hope is an ever present reminder of your humanity, your self-worth, validation of your place in this world; a life treasured by the One who matters and those who care, and a future worth fighting for. May God continue to bless you, keep you, and preserve in you the hope, faith and love you need to sustain you on your journey home.

Much love, Heather

Hope: Lesley

‘Everyone needs a little hope
The stars are us Light up Light up
Just look up’
What is hope?

Hope is:
Standing together as one

Hope is :
Succceeding in the face of adversity
Fighting back even when hope is lost

Hope is:
Reaching the top of the mountain and not giving up at the first obstacle

Hope is:
Showing the world that nothing will divide us & that Love always wins.

My hope for you Oscar is that through unconditional love you will come out the otherside stronger than before and that through hope you will once more have the desire to fulfil your dreams💜

Much love

Hope: Tumediso

From my heart I say may He whom I called God bless you and keep you save again…… All will pass man… know that you mean a lot to me… you did encourage me in all things I am doing…. stay safe…

Tumediso Seleti