Your Angels

The Angel said, “Give me your fears I will carry them for you. I will take them to Heaven where they will be infused with the light of the Divine. I promise, you are safe in the heart of God.”

Exhale and hand your worries, concerns and fears over to your Angels. Always in our hearts and thoughts Oscar ❤


Christmas Message Time!

Dear friends,

Christmas is fast approaching and we need your messages for Oscar, this year along a theme of ‘blessings’.

We’d love for you to attach a picture to your message (or just a picture, if it has the message/quote you want to send already on it) – we want to make SFO bright and cheery over the festive season.

Please send your messages and pictures to us via our usual email, or by PMing our Facebook page.

Get them in to us between now and 23rd December. Any later than that, and they will be published after 26 December (but they will still be published!).

Many thanks,

Mira and Laura

Stronger Than Strong

Dear Oscar,

my heart goes out to you. I am a woman but I know in my heart that you are not guilty of murder. I cannot believe that our judicial system fails us in allowing proper criminals to destroy this country and then takes someone like you who was trying to protect someone you loved and unconstitutionally make the worst decisions. Be strong and stronger than strong. It must be so hard but there are many people and women who support you and know the truth. You will be free one day. Study law inside so you can fight for your rights. Your sentencing is a huge injustice and was a witch hunt.



This is from a household of an 40, 80 and an 13 years olds respectfully.

We watch the stories and have seen the updates going on and we believe that the system is just making you a symbol of something of what we don’t know ???

We have been behind you from the start and don’t any of the stories that have been shared and I want you to know that no matter how hard it gets, you need to stay strong through this. I lost a son at birth. You have survived so much and can still do so much Oscar. Things will get better, as soon as the wolves let go. You are inspirational and you will still prove the world wrong … this I know.

Just get through the next months and please know …. you have a BIG team here supporting you.

Take care there and we still adore you!